There was nothing. No light and no darkness. No earth, no sky, no wind and no water.

And then, there was light. And after the light came earth, and water, and plants and animals. Eventually, even us.

So, point A (nothing), point B (right now). It’s a boundless miracle. Much like potential.

At first when we are born, we are nothing but potential. Who will we be? What will we like? What will end up being our passions as we grow older? Nothing but potential, limited by our environment and our society, and sometimes our own biology. But otherwise free to explore and learn.

As we grow, our learning slows. That’s why not one of us has a universe of knowledge unlocked inside of ourselves. But we have snippets of the grand story. We have keywords and thumbnail pictures which reveal to us some truth, some beauty in knowing. We carry around in ourselves endless bundles of thoughts and memories, heaps of string from which our talents and true loves come to light.

And as long as you never stop wanting to know, you’ll never run out of string. Your internal universe will never stop expanding. You are infinite.